Celebrating Wins

Nov 30, 2021

As the year comes to a close, it’s a natural time to look back and reflect. While it’s good to have goals and look forward, it’s just as important to celebrate the wins. Here are our top three tips to do just this.  + Make space Sometimes it’s easy to rush along in life and […]

Investing in yourself isn’t just a good idea for your career. It’s the foundation of lifelong growth and development. A key question for professional learning is: What can you do today to improve tomorrow

You might have never heard of Brand Connectors before but all brands, across all industries, have them. The best-known brands know how to keep their Brand Connectors at the forefront of their mind when making decisions. They continue to find new ways to reach them, and know how to break down the barriers that prevent […]

Creating evergreen content for your organization or brand sometimes feels out of reach. We often find ourselves in a constant state of keeping up, instead of going forth! In today’s post, we are going to unpack how to break out of that cycle and start creating evergreen content. Determine the lifetime of your content. When […]

Winter is coming and for many of us that means the holidays are right around the corner. And while holidays aren’t just at the end of the year (ahem, check out our holiday social cal!), it’s still a time for brand creatives to consider what messages they are crafting.  Holiday campaigns are made up of […]


Sep 22, 2021

Strategy – Planning for Q4 It’s true — Q4 is just around the corner. The end-of-year pace is about to pick up, so now is the time to plan ahead. Seize the moment with our top 3 tips to prepare for Q4 >> 1. Check in with your goals If we’ve learned anything from the […]

If you’re thinking … I wish my brand were more strategic 🤔  … you’re not alone!  In today’s world, not only securing a strategic brand, but sustaining a strategic brand is a challenge. Much like keeping plants alive. 😉 So where should we start with brand strategy?  Get Clear On Your Goals  What are you […]

The Greenhouse

Aug 17, 2021

Introducing The Greenhouse, a bi-weekly newsletter and meeting ground for the Flourish Creative community. This is not your average newsletter. We are gathering together to learn, challenge and grow alongside each other. What to Expect Our team is ready to equip you, connect you and encourage you in your endeavors. We believe that the best […]

Flourish is hiring a Freelance Content Creator! This is a remote, part-time, contract position with opportunity to grow hours. This is a long-term position, not a one-off role. Availability during regular business hours is required.  To learn more about the position + apply, click here >> Application submission are due June 15.

I remember when I used to hear the word “networking” as a young professional. I pictured finger-food, loud events with powerful people. . . not me. I was perfectly happy to keep my head down, designing, writing and cranking out strategic, quality work, and know that when I worked hard enough … people would notice. […]