How/where do I find a mentor?

Mar 1, 2024

🏔challenge: “How/where do I find a mentor?” – new entrepreneur

opportunity: Mentorship at any stage of our careers is invaluable. Mentorship is a give-and-give relationship (you both can learn from each other!) Here are my top three tips >>

  • Outline what qualities you’re looking for. We must guard who gets our energy and time as leaders. Look to your personal values and find leaders who align. Just because a magazine says someone is “a success” doesn’t mean that they align with your definition of success. Some of the strongest leaders are the least “hyped.”
  • Tap into your networks. Your mentor doesn’t necessarily need to be in your direct industry. Set up a coffee meeting to hear their story and build the relationship. Be transparent if you’re interested in mentorship, and know that if they don’t have the capacity, it’s okay. You can always ask if they have any friends or colleagues they may recommend for you!
  • Define your expectations, together. Whether you’re being a mentor or asking for one, it’s helpful to define expectations around the relationship. How often will you meet? When? Where? What goals are you hoping to work towards, or what specific advice are you seeking? When would you like to re-evaluate the relationship? Setting expectations upfront (with room to adapt!) sets your relationship up for success.

Let’s surround ourselves only with those who give us life, energy, and joy. I’m so grateful you’re a part of this Greenhouse community. I hope you find this community full of just that.

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