I feel like I am saying the same thing over and over on social.

Sep 1, 2023

🏔challenge: “I feel like I am saying the same thing over and over on social. How can I switch it up without straying away from my mission and vision?” — comms manager

opportunity: Often times it can feel like your brand is asking the same thing of your brand connectors and it can feel repetitive. When you are the singular voice for your brand this can be a hard thing to tackle. Here are some ways you can move from stagnant place to a more creative one. >>

  • Go back to your why. Without knowing it we can slip into a performative grind on social media. We get distracted by what everyone else is posting and lose sight of what we have to say. Take time to read over your mission + vision statements and gain inspiration from there.
  • Dig deep. Now that you are back to the basics take time to write a mind map of what each of these things communicates to you. When I am in-between campaigns I like to look at our core values and create work around that. 
  • Invite others in. Whether you are part of a team or flying solo, inviting another persons perspective in can reignite what you are hoping to communicate. This can be as simple as a chat over coffee with a colleague or adding a new collaborator into the conversation, you might already have that person sitting next to you!

It all comes back to language and sometimes all it takes is a bit of time to get out of our own head and to leave room in our busy schedule to be inspired by the world and people around us. Together we can move from scattered to strategic.

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