We’d like to take a minute and introduce you to our Build Your Strategic Brand Plan Mastercourse and who exactly we made it for. The Why Behind the What Let’s start with the why. We wanted to build a course that filled the gap between “I can do it all myself” and “I seriously need […]

Curious why all the Instagram backlash matters? I wanted to take a minute to share my *hot-take* and reflect on the recent Instagram interface rollout and subsequent roll-back from a brand/social media strategist point of view now that the dust has settled.  But to catch you up to speed in case you’ve been OOO … […]

This week on the blog, our founder Kerri Voyles sat down with Vice President of Marketing and Communications at KVC Health Systems, Jenny Kutz. Jenny has an impressive resumé but what stands out among it all is her incredible work with KVC. Over nearly a decade, she’s grown KVC marketing and communications from one person […]

When horrible things happen in the world, it’s easy to feel hopeless, powerless, and despondent. I know I have felt that way too many times. I cannot tell you how to respond to cultural crises as a human or as a brand. What I want to do is provide some thought starters for considering how to respond to these really difficult moments. 

How does our desk, home, and life get cluttered? What leads to this mess and how can we take thoughtful steps towards changing those habits? These are all questions we will be discussing in today’s blog on how to move from cluttered to clear. When an organization has unclear messaging and several pathways they want […]

It’s common for mission-driven leaders to have a solid budget for their organization overall … but too often, brand work becomes a “nice to have” without its own budget, strategy, and goals.  At Flourish, we believe leveraging your brand unlocks the mission growth and community impact you’re seeking.  People are at the heart of your […]

The effort to create an energizing mission and vision statement is worth it. It also will, hopefully, spark inspiration for your movement.

At Flourish, our values are at the heart of everything we do. One of our core values is Abundance. We know the world is wide enough for all of us, so that’s why we celebrate and collaborate with each other — and we give back.   We believe in shifting from values to practices (otherwise, […]

Just like any marketing campaign, event branding should be intentional and purposeful. When you participate in event planning and design, it is important to have a clear understanding of your goals for the event, as well as the overall brand of your organization. Branding is important for events because it provides a sense of recognition, […]

🏔challenge: i’m struggling to weigh my capacity vs. reward for building my brand this year. there seem to be so many other priorities – how do I know where to put my energy? — purpose-driven entrepreneur ✨opportunity: tuning in and identifying the tension is the first place to start. now, ask some further clarifying questions: What […]