🏔challenge: With the war in Ukraine happening, I want to help but I’m not sure where to start. Any suggestions? —comms manager ✨opportunity: Our hearts are hurting for the people of Ukraine right now. Here are some suggestions of how to give help >> Advocate online: Use your personal and brand channels to advocate for humanitarian […]

🏔challenge: i’m struggling to weigh my capacity vs. reward for building my brand this year. there seem to be so many other priorities – how do I know where to put my energy? — purpose-driven entrepreneur ✨opportunity: tuning in and identifying the tension is the first place to start. now, ask some further clarifying questions: What […]

🏔challenge: What are some simple ways to be more inclusive on social? — NP marketing director ✨opportunity: I’m so glad this question is being asked! Inclusivity on social channels is multi-faceted, **and** it’s important to embed it into our mindset as we create content. Here are 3 places to start >> + Caption videos: Captioning your videos […]

🏔challenge: “I’m struggling with communication within my organization. My leaders are always ‘too busy’ and they aren’t following up with my emails. It creates a backlog where I can’t get things done as fast as I want to.” — nonprofit manager ✨opportunity: Communication struggles. It seems like nearly every workplace issue can be boiled down […]

🏔challenge: How do I maintain brand relevance when it seems like the market is so crowded? ✨opportunity: Coming into a new year, wanting to maintain relevance and grow is top of mind for many leaders. Here are my top tips >> + Focus on you. The comparison game is real. While it’s helpful to know […]

🏔challenge: Help! I struggle to unplug during the holidays and time off. Any tips for me? 🙋‍♀️ ✨opportunity: You are not alone! It’s challenging to step away from tech when we’re used to “plugging in” for our livelihoods. I don’t need to preach the health benefits of a detox … so straight to the detox […]

🏔challenge: We are a non-religious organization, and I’m struggling with what to post around the holidays. We want to be inclusive, but maybe it’s better just to not post anything? ✨opportunity: Kudos to you for caring and growing inclusivity with your brand. Know there is no magic formula or “right way” to approach this. Be […]

🏔challenge: Help! I have a toxic boss, but I love the mission of the organization. I also have a small team and don’t want to “abandon” them during a busy time. What should I do? ✨opportunity: Toxic leaders are sadly all-too common. While you can’t control someone else’s behavior, you CAN control how you react. […]

🏔challenge: “I’m hoping to plan and level up my brand efforts next year, but I’m not sure where to start. Any advice?” — comms manager ✨opportunity: Yes, it’s hard to believe next year will be right around the corner. At year end, many folks have planning on their mind. Here are few first steps >> […]

🏔challenge: “how do I know when to rebrand? I’m considering a rebrand, but it’s costly and I’m unsure if its really worth it.” ~ nonprofit leader ✨opportunity: You can hardly hear the word “rebrand” without the music “dun dun dunnn” coming to mind. Maybe you and/or your leadership is considering a rebrand to spice things […]