🏔challenge: Help! I struggle to unplug during the holidays and time off. Any tips for me? 🙋‍♀️ ✨opportunity: You are not alone! It’s challenging to step away from tech when we’re used to “plugging in” for our livelihoods. I don’t need to preach the health benefits of a detox … so straight to the detox […]

Can you feel it? It’s the end of the year rush. Days are shorter and expectations are higher …  If you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted, know you’re not alone.  I hope these few simple tips can help you move in a positive direction and avoid burning out. Address the root.  Sometimes we embrace the […]

Celebrating Wins

Nov 30, 2021

As the year comes to a close, it’s a natural time to look back and reflect. While it’s good to have goals and look forward, it’s just as important to celebrate the wins. Here are our top three tips to do just this.  + Make space Sometimes it’s easy to rush along in life and […]

🏔challenge: Help! I have a toxic boss, but I love the mission of the organization. I also have a small team and don’t want to “abandon” them during a busy time. What should I do? ✨opportunity: Toxic leaders are sadly all-too common. While you can’t control someone else’s behavior, you CAN control how you react. […]

Investing in yourself isn’t just a good idea for your career. It’s the foundation of lifelong growth and development. A key question for professional learning is: What can you do today to improve tomorrow

You might have never heard of Brand Connectors before but all brands, across all industries, have them. The best-known brands know how to keep their Brand Connectors at the forefront of their mind when making decisions. They continue to find new ways to reach them, and know how to break down the barriers that prevent […]

🏔challenge: “I work at organization, and I’m in charge of social media content. I’m struggling to get content from my peers, even after asking them repeatedly. Any ideas?” – comms manger ✨ opportunity: Yes. This is a common challenge. While you can do your best to gather content, you are only one person. Having access […]


Sep 22, 2021

Strategy – Planning for Q4 It’s true — Q4 is just around the corner. The end-of-year pace is about to pick up, so now is the time to plan ahead. Seize the moment with our top 3 tips to prepare for Q4 >> 1. Check in with your goals If we’ve learned anything from the […]

🏔 challenge: “One of my greatest challenges is staying on top of all the latest communications changes. It’s difficult to do all my work plus stay educated (and continually re-educate my team / leadership).”  — nonprofit communication manager   ✨ opportunity: Yess … know that you’re not alone! It can be really overwhelming the sheer *amount* of information, tools, and resources out […]

The Greenhouse

Aug 17, 2021

Introducing The Greenhouse, a bi-weekly newsletter and meeting ground for the Flourish Creative community. This is not your average newsletter. We are gathering together to learn, challenge and grow alongside each other. What to Expect Our team is ready to equip you, connect you and encourage you in your endeavors. We believe that the best […]