5 Tips For Creating A Brand For Your Event

Mar 13, 2022

Just like any marketing campaign, event branding should be intentional and purposeful. When you participate in event planning and design, it is important to have a clear understanding of your goals for the event, as well as the overall brand of your organization.

Branding is important for events because it provides a sense of recognition, trust and authenticity. Well-branded events can make a bigger impact on attendees and are more likely to be remembered.

You may have heard the phrase “brand evolution” before, which is the process of adapting and changing your brand to meet new needs and goals. Events are no different! When you differentiate your events from year-to-year, you will most likely attract new participants. 

However, that does not mean you need to reinvent the wheel each year. Your event is an extension of your brand, so it makes sense that there will be overlap between your event and overall organization’s branding.

Although there are many factors to consider when creating a brand for your event, here are 5 key tips we recommend keeping in mind:

1. Ensure it’s unique.

Do research around other events in your local area, and also extend regionally, and nationally. If you find that there are many other events in your area that have the same name or theme, consider coming up with something different. This will ensure your event stands out from the rest.

2. Evoke emotion.

What is the emotion you’re trying to elicit? Hope? Movement? Education? Hone in on that. And then brainstorm ideas that can bring that emotion to life through color, design, and imagery.

3. Clarity is key.

We are here for all the unique event names, however, clarity is key. Use words in your brand name that easily translate to your audience. Gala, workshop, conference, etc., all convey a quick, clear message to your audience.

4. Create cohesion.

We often get questions about how much the event “theme” and design elements should reflect the overall brand of the organization hosting it. The answer is…it depends. It depends on your goals, the history of the event, your organization’s role, etc. However, if you are looking to generate new leads or build awareness, tying your theme closely to your overall brand may be the best strategy. 

5. Grow familiarity.  

When your event has a recognizable brand that represents your values and services, attendees will begin to feel comfortable engaging with your organization as a whole. Attendees will also be more inclined to return to your website or social channels in the future. Good event branding helps you build a stronger relationship with your audience, by providing familiarity with your organization’s mission, values and goals.

Events are meant to be fun, interactive and tell the story of your brand. Having consistency throughout your different communication channels will create a more cohesive image for your brand. Whether you are hosting a corporate meeting, a charity gala, or an educational seminar, the bottom line is to find ways that you can stand out from the sea of other events out there.


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