How do I know where to put my energy?

Mar 4, 2022

🏔challenge: i’m struggling to weigh my capacity vs. reward for building my brand this year. there seem to be so many other priorities – how do I know where to put my energy? — purpose-driven entrepreneur

opportunity: tuning in and identifying the tension is the first place to start. now, ask some further clarifying questions:

  1. What does building my brand look like this year? Define what success means to you. Your “why” will motivate you to put goals into action.
  2. What fills my bucket? For many folks, brand building is something they dread. Identify the parts that fill your bucket and what *doesn’t*.
  3. What is my true capacity to build my brand? Clarify what your capacity really is . . . and find resources to outsource in order to grow. Often, you energy may be better spent focusing on your core “zone of genius.” Don’t spend time spinning your wheels when an expert can get it done better than you.

Understanding ourselves is key to growing our brands – whether it’s a personal brand or a company brand. What are you learning about yourself this season? I’d love to hear from you.

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