Any tips for someone who struggles to unplug during the holidays?

Dec 15, 2021

🏔challenge: Help! I struggle to unplug during the holidays and time off. Any tips for me? 🙋‍♀️

opportunity: You are not alone! It’s challenging to step away from tech when we’re used to “plugging in” for our livelihoods. I don’t need to preach the health benefits of a detox … so straight to the detox tips >>

+ Plan ahead to unplug. First, it’s important to know which days you are actually “taking off” so you can be intentional in your approach. Make sure you communicate in advance. (My email footer reads: “upcoming ooo 12/17-1/3” so all people know what to expect.) Then, schedule out any posts / newsletters / content for while you are offline. Your future self will thank you.

+ Turn your phone on airplane mode while you are with family. This way, you can still take photos/videos with your phone. While completely turning off our phones would be a dream, it’s often not realistic. Let’s give ourselves grace.

+ Use downtime/do not disturb. You know, those apps that are on your phone … go ahead and set a new schedule for your time off. They will help curb your picking-up-phone-and-navigating-to-certain-apps habit.

+ + My bonus tip includes setting “tech hours” (I strive to do this all the time!). Tech does not need to be present when we first wake up and the last thing before bed. That time is SACRED, so clear it of tech, grow intention with your tech hours in general.

Well, I can’t believe the end of 2021 is nearly here. Thank you so much for being a friend of Flourish and along for the journey with me.

I’m so grateful for you. Know that you are loved and valued this holiday season.

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