Introducing: Flourish Forward

Apr 1, 2022

At Flourish, our values are at the heart of everything we do. One of our core values is Abundance. We know the world is wide enough for all of us, so that’s why we celebrate and collaborate with each other — and we give back.  

We believe in shifting from values to practices (otherwise, they are empty statements!). With Abundance, we donate time, money, and resources as a core part of our business model. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our most high-impact give-back program yet. 

We’re thrilled to introduce our Flourish Forward Scholarship. Through Flourish Forward, we will grant a full scholarship to our flagship Mastercourse with access to all modules, resources, and a 1:1 strategy call. With our scholarship program, we are choosing to highlight specific brands and organizations that may be marginalized, under-resourced and/or discounted. 

Let me give you a glimpse into how the Flourish Build Your Strategic Brand Plan Mastercourse can truly turn your brand and organization onto the path towards success. This isn’t a gimmick or a 5-Step program, it is action-oriented education and tools. Tools that equip you with knowledge and insight now and for years to come.

As a brand strategy and design expert, I’ve had the honor to help scale purpose-driven brands for small businesses and multi-million dollar organizations alike. The thing these brands have in common is they all need to increase the resilience of their teams + leaders, they want to scale their mission, and to find ways to grow their good.  

My passion is equipping you to cultivate a resilient brand that flourishes. And to be honest it’s not always easy to go at it alone. I’ve been there, too…wearing “all the hats” inside an organization all while trying to grow a brand without burning out. It is close to impossible without the right tools and team. 

When you finish the Mastercouse you will:

  1. Have a strategic plan of action
  2. Know + attract your audience
  3. Achieve your overall mission goals 
  4. Be able to show up consistently
  5. Take on any opportunity with confidence

We believe everyone has a purpose.  With the right tools and resources, our missions have the power to change the world. 

So, worldchanger, are you ready to take your next step in order to secure the future of your brand and organization? Do you know someone who is a changemaker but hasn’t got a clear path forward? 

Nominate today for Flourish Forward >>  

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