What are some simple ways to be more inclusive on social?

Feb 19, 2022

🏔challenge: What are some simple ways to be more inclusive on social? — NP marketing director

opportunity: I’m so glad this question is being asked! Inclusivity on social channels is multi-faceted, **and** it’s important to embed it into our mindset as we create content. Here are 3 places to start >>

+ Caption videos: Captioning your videos on any channel – YouTube, IG stories, etc. – is a simple way to include those deaf and hard of hearing. Not to mention, many folks prefer to listen to videos with sound off. We recommend uploading captions natively on platform so anyone who needs it translated can easily access it.

+ Alt tags: Alt tags help those using screenreaders understand images. Platforms are doing a much better job of either auto alt-tagging or reminding you to insert them. My tip is pretty simple – do it!

+ Engage: Being inclusive isn’t only about following a diverse group of leaders and organizations. It’s important to engage with those channels as well. AND, always give credit if you share a resource.

What are ways you’re prioritizing inclusivity on social? I’d love to hear from you! We are all growing on this journey, together.

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