Who are your Brand Connectors?

Nov 5, 2021

You might have never heard of Brand Connectors before but all brands, across all industries, have them. The best-known brands know how to keep their Brand Connectors at the forefront of their mind when making decisions. They continue to find new ways to reach them, and know how to break down the barriers that prevent potential Brand Connectors from engaging with their company/organization. 

In this blog, we’re sharing the importance of Brand Connectors to your mission >>

Brand Connectors connect to your purpose

Let’s start by defining the term brand connectors. Brand Connectors are the people who bring your brand to life. They share your brand mindset and core values. They believe in you. And they’re the ones that will be your most passionate allies. Simply put, they’re your people

Brand Connectors have a tie to your purpose and mission. Maybe they are connected personally to your cause or have been referred to your programs by someone they know. As a brand creative and leader, it’s your role to understand these ties so you can nurture your relationship with these VIPs. 

Brand Connectors link you to their communities 

People are people and the old adage of “know, like, and trust” is true. Personal referrals are the gold standard for brand growth, whatever your goal. Remember that your Brand Connectors don’t exclusively fit into the role you may have assigned for them within your brand. For example, to your brand they may be “customer”, but remember they are also a mom, sister, marathoner, puppy lover, and the list goes on.

Truly understanding your Brand Connectors can help you activate them to tap into their communities. If they like your brand, they will link you to more connectors which helps you grow organically.

Brand Connectors propel your growth 

Brand Connectors are the community that will grow your brand just by being a part of it. Your goal is to cultivate, connect, communicate and build meaningful connections with your people.  

Brand Connector-centric branding and marketing generates meaningful conversations and relationships. They are engaged with your brand because they trust it, utilize it and share willingly. They are an extension of your brand, which is why it is important to understand who they are to determine how best to serve them.

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