How do I know when to rebrand?

Oct 22, 2021

🏔challenge: “how do I know when to rebrand? I’m considering a rebrand, but it’s costly and I’m unsure if its really worth it.” ~ nonprofit leader

opportunity: You can hardly hear the word “rebrand” without the music “dun dun dunnn” coming to mind. Maybe you and/or your leadership is considering a rebrand to spice things up for your organization. It’s an exciting prospect, but one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Think of rebrands as an investment, not just an expense. And don’t forget the time and energy investment it will take.

Here are three signs you may need a rebrand:

Your current brand doesn’t reflect your quality of work. A dated brand doesn’t reflect your innovative work. And, often orgs and entrepreneurs start with a logo that’s not custom (no shame, but also, be aware of the legal risks!). As your mission matures, a rebrand can take it to the next level.

You’ve had a significant shift. Is there a new leader? Are you offering new services? Do you need to shed a former image? Rebrand is a great place to spark momentum.

There’s confusion. Are new audiences scratching their heads? You brand is an asset – and it should absolutely be serving you, not hindering your messaging.

So many purpose-driven orgs struggle with these questions. These signs may mean it’s time to rebrand — however! Rebranding again is not a cure-all. Tread lightly and absolutely conduct research. Rebrands are a powerful tool to catalyze your movement.

Flourish has an Ultimate Rebrand Guide available in our mastercourse. It covers all the essentials – rebrand checklist, refresh vs. rehaul, rebrand approaches, and more. Leave a comment if you want a sneak peek!

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