I’m struggling to get content from my peers, Any ideas?

Sep 24, 2021

🏔challenge: “I work at organization, and I’m in charge of social media content. I’m struggling to get content from my peers, even after asking them repeatedly. Any ideas?” – comms manger

opportunity: Yes. This is a common challenge. While you can do your best to gather content, you are only one person. Having access to multiple people who see your brand story come to life is always nice.

Here are my three tips >>

Be specific: “Send me content!” is pretty general. Rather, reach out to a specific person for a specific piece of content. “Hey – you work with xyz program/service. I’d love to highlight this, can you send me some pictures?”

Team calls: People are busy. And it’s not their priority. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. Bring it up on every team call. Thank those that reached out and sent content. Again, be specific about what you’re needing and why it matters.

Get technical: Figure out a system that works best for you, your team, and your organization. Maybe that’s creating a form that auto sends via email at the end of every week. Or, you can try texting folks. (I find text works great since most take photos on their phone!)

Gathering social content is a challenge. There are many ways to overcome it, but I’d also love to hear from you! Leave a comment if you have any further tactics that have worked for your org, and I’ll share them on IG.

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