Celebrating Wins

Nov 30, 2021

As the year comes to a close, it’s a natural time to look back and reflect. While it’s good to have goals and look forward, it’s just as important to celebrate the wins. Here are our top three tips to do just this. 

+ Make space

Sometimes it’s easy to rush along in life and look forward to the next thing. As an opportunist and visionary, it’s not my natural inclination to look back. But I know that when I pause, I feel much more fulfilled and grateful. Celebrating wins also gives me more clarity for moving forward. 

Before the end of the year, mark some time on your calendar to reflect. I suggest setting aside at least a two hour chunk of time. Choose a space that works for you – whether that’s a coffee shop or the solitude of your home. Consider the ambiance. Will you want candles? A blanket? A whiteboard or colored markers? Snacks and a warm beverage? Be prepared for this time by planning ahead, gathering the supplies, and guarding the time. (I recommend sharing this date with others who can hold you accountable.) 

+ Reflect on personal and professional wins.

When it’s time to enter your space, open yourself up to reflections both personally and professionally. Define “win” for yourself. Small wins add up and remind us of all the progress we’ve made. I like to look back at a calendar to jog my memory of the different seasons and time periods that have occurred. It’s easy to forget something that happened way back in February that set dominoes in motion for future success. 

Write down the win and what it means to you. How did this win impact your life? Now take it a step further by asking yourself how these wins impacted your brand, organization, and/or business. 

+ Reward yourself 

As you see your wins written out in front of you, how do you feel? For me, it’s a reminder to be grateful and also to thank those who have contributed to my successes. 

Be sure to reward yourself for the hard work and wins you’ve achieved over this past year. You can reward yourself after this wins reflection, or make a plan to do so. Reward means something different to everyone. Maybe it’s time off, a self-care day, a special treat … choose something that’s meaningful and feels luxurious to you. Because you deserve it!! 


Thanks to many of you, I’ve experienced some incredible wins this year. I’d love to hear from you – what’s your biggest win you are looking forward to celebrating? Let me know below! 

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