How can I stay on top of the latest communication changes?

Aug 27, 2021

🏔 challenge: “One of my greatest challenges is staying on top of all the latest communications changes. It’s difficult to do all my work plus stay educated (and continually re-educate my team / leadership).”  — nonprofit communication manager  

opportunity: Yess … know that you’re not alone! It can be really overwhelming the sheer *amount* of information, tools, and resources out there. My tips >> 

  • Pick a learning topic at the intersection of your greatest interest area + your org’s greatest need.
  • Start small. Maybe it’s one tool you want to explore or one skill you want to develop. Be okay with being a beginner. I know many creatives can get overwhelmed by wanting everything to be *perfect.* But when you’re learning something new, it’s gonna be messy. That’s a part of the process!
  • Advocate for your growth. Leaders who do not understand the value of professional development and/or investing in your org’s brand need to be educated, too. Position growth as a win for the org and your leader. 

Back-to-school is an ideal season to invest in your growth. We created our free Growth Guide for Creatives for those ready to reflect on and maximize their learning opportunities. 

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