The Greenhouse

Aug 17, 2021

Introducing The Greenhouse, a bi-weekly newsletter and meeting ground for the Flourish Creative community. This is not your average newsletter. We are gathering together to learn, challenge and grow alongside each other.

What to Expect

Our team is ready to equip you, connect you and encourage you in your endeavors. We believe that the best resource we have is within the relationships we build. That is why we often say that, “collaboration is greater than competition.”


Our founder Kerri Voyles has 9+ years of experience within the nonprofit/entrepreneur space. Her passion is equipping purpose-driven brands—and their creators—to grow through inclusion, resilience, and design. One of our core values is ABUNDANCE because we believe that, “the world is wide enough for all of us. Let’s celebrate & collaborate with each other.” In the Greenhouse you will receive:

  • Practical tips to grow your brand and leadership
  • Tips on our brand strategy process
  • Inspiration on how to build resiliency within your brand and you


When we started Flourish a few years ago we held onto the foundational truth that PEOPLE are greater than PLATFORMS. There are so, so many benefits to having access to the internet and we want to use it to build mutual connections between people, not a following. People come first not an algorithm or trend. You can expect the Greenhouse to be a place of:

  • True camaraderie
  • Shared wealth & resources
  • A unique network of like-minded mission makers and creatives 


Life is FULL of possibilities, that’s why we value creativity so dang much! We aren’t here to just plug away, but to make a difference in the world. Brands–and the people behind them–have the power and responsibility to create change in meaningful ways. At the Greenhouse, we want to spark change in each other and encourage others to do the same. We will:

  • Never settle for the status quo
  • Believe the best in people
  • Pursue equity in all of our spheres of influence

You’re invited to join our community of change agents. Sign up here.



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