3 Strategies for Professional Learning

Nov 17, 2021

Investing in yourself isn’t just a good idea for your career. It’s the foundation of lifelong growth and development. 

A key question for professional learning is: What can you do today to improve tomorrow? 

Learning will help you grow as a person, as a leader, and it will grow your organization and help you crush your goals. In this blog, I share three ways to keep up on your professional learning >> 

1. Be your biggest advocate.

Whether you work by yourself or in a team of 100, remember that you are your own greatest advocate. The ability to learn and grow is one of the most important skills that you can develop. Learning and developing new skills expands our horizons, and benefits us both personally and professionally.

If you work for an organization, be sure to tap into any of the educational resources that are offered. Too many folks leave learning on the table, by not taking advantage of education discounts or training opportunities. Maybe your organization doesn’t have something formally outlined … take that as an opportunity to present specific training and learning opportunities with its outcomes and the ROI that will benefit you and the organization. (Psst, there’s a template letter in our free growth guide!)

And if you work for yourself, I know what it’s like to justify not pursuing professional learning opportunities when your budgets and capacity is tight. Trust me, there will never be “enough time or resources” to do all the things plus expand your skills. So stop making excuses, and start investing in you! 

2. Invest in what sparks joy for you. 

What’s something fun that has piqued your curiosity?  We think that allowing yourself some space to brain dump everything that interests you helps bring clarity. This list can be both personal and professional, as there may be opportunities for crossover. 

Remember: The sky’s the limit and nothing is off boundaries. In our growth guide, you’ll be guided to begin to reflect and narrow down this list before placing it into a rhythm, looking at investment, and identifying accountability. 

3. Try what challenges you. 

When we go to identify opportunities for professional growth, it also helps to reflect on what topics we have strong negative reactions to. Maybe there is a tool or a skill that is new that you’ve just been avoiding. 

It’s good for us to also try things that are challenging to our brains. Potential for learning is everywhere, and it’s safe to say that you’ll learn something new that you can borrow and apply to your professional life. 


So there are our 3 strategies for professional learning. We believe in progress over perfection, and always stretching ourselves to flourish. 

Keep going, keep growing

Flourish professional learning resources >> 

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