How do I stay focused in order to produce content?

Oct 8, 2021

🏔challenge: “I have a hard time staying focused to produce quality content, especially when there are a million other things to do.” – comms director

opportunity: Staying focused is tough, especially when distractions are abundant and there are other priorities. Here are my tips >>

Find your when: Here at Flourish, we are big fans of leaning into when works best for you. If you’re most creative and productive in the mornings after a fresh cup of tea, create then! Or, if you get a boost late afternoon before the end of the work day, do that.

Focus on highest priorities: As creatives, we can have dreams for all the possibilities. But when you’re struggling to stay focused, it’s important to narrow in on exactly what is most important. Keep it short and simple.

Remove distractions: This can look like a million different things from turning your cell phone off, to setting a unique digital desktop just for content creation. Sometimes I also find it helpful to move my location if I’m feeling “stuck” and unproductive in my current spot.

Wishing you focused productivity the rest of your day. We can do it!

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