Introducing … the Flourish & Friends Podcast!! 

Nov 4, 2022

Hey friends! Here at the Flourish HQ, we are planting something new into the proverbial Greenhouse, and we cannot be more expectant for what this will bring for our community! In an effort to take our conversations a bit deeper (and off of social media), we — Kerri and Esther —  are launching our weekly podcast entitled Flourish & Friends! 🎉 🎉**crowd cheering**


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Every Monday we:

  • Share our *fresh picks* ~ something bringing joy into our lives;
  • Dive into a *convo* that leads to more growth and flourishing – creativity, resilience, leadership … nothing is off the table!;
  • And wrap up with our *bookmarks* — something we’re reading, watching or listening to that we recommend. 


From Kerri:

Before we launched a podcast, I wanted to be sure that our Flourish podcast could be something different. I don’t know about you, but I personally only have so much capacity for “how-to” and educational podcasts. They are wonderful, but not necessarily what I want to listen to while washing the dishes. 

That’s Flourish & Friends is conversation-based — between myself, Esther, friends of Flourish, and most importantly, YOU. It’s a peek into our approach but more importantly, we’re sharing as humans. We also want it to be fun!! There will be a spectrum of topics around brand, resilience, and leadership — all centered around conversations that lead to more growth and more flourishing. 

We’re also chatting with influential leaders in the nonprofit space and be joined by some of my network of entrepreneurs and mission-marketers alike. But don’t forget, you are welcome and encouraged to join in the conversation. You can do that by sending us questions via email ( or social media (IG: @flourishcreativeco) and by participating in some of the fun activities we have in store.

From Esther:

As you will come to find out, I am a bit of a podcast junkie myself and am always discovering new shows to learn from. Podcasts are such a great tool for learning and going deeper in an audio format (rather than a blog or book, per-se). And possibly the best part, you can multitask while listening!

After about a year of forming our Greenhouse Newsletter, we saw a need and desire within our community of purpose-driven leaders to go beyond tips-n-tricks and to actually get into the nitty gritty of what creatively leading an organization looks like. That being said, our Flourish & Friends podcast is welcome to everyone who finds themselves at the intersection of mission, creativity and/or leadership. In our conversations we dive into things like; how do I stay creatively inspired, how do I lead through my values and the power of inclusive communication. 


Here’s a sneak peek at some upcoming episode content! >>

+ Staying creatively inspired

+ Celebrating wins + practicing gratitude

+ Creating inclusive holiday communications


We would absolutely be honored if you joined us on this journey. This is meant to be a fun, collaborative space for Flourish & (our) Friends, so don’t forget to join the conversation! If you aren’t already, consider adding our Greenhouse newsletter to your mailbox. This is the best way to stay up-to-date with all that’s going on here, bi-weekly. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel wherever you listen to podcasts!

Thank you for your support so far. We look forward to bringing some meaningful conversations as we learn and flourish together.



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