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5 helpful digital boundaries for creatives

Feb 19, 2021

Let’s talk digital boundaries.

As a creative, technology is a part of the job. But, it can often lead to overwhelm and burnout.

Resilience is a key value of Flourish. If we want flourishing brands, we need to have flourishing people! Consider some of these digital boundaries to help cultivate resilience in your rhythm 👉

✔️ Turn *all* your notifications off. Desktop. Phone. Apps. You name it. Bouncing from one window to the next is draining and reduces productivity. Instead, designate specific time to check certain apps. If people need to reach you urgently, let them know your preferred method.

✔️ Tech. Sabbath. Hours. Tech does not need to be the first thing you interact with in the morning, and the last thing before bed. For me it’s helpful to designate “tech time” during working hours. Before and after is time to unplug.

✔️ Remove work email from your phone. Chances are, you are at your computer all day anyway. There’s no need to have it on another device. Again, let folks know how to reach you in case of an emergency. For many creatives, this would be *extremely* rare.

✔️ In addition to daily hours, designate a tech free day. Mine is Saturday. 🌿

✔️ Give your eyes a screen break. This is more of a tip … but try to take time at lunch and on breaks to look at nature … not another screen!

I hope these boundaries are helpful for you, and may be something that helps you flourish. We are all at different stages in the journey, so let’s accept positive intentions and practices to move where we want to be.

What boundaries have you found helpful to your practice? Drop me a comment & let me know! I always love learning more people’s tips.

Also, check out more tips for resilience on my IG >> @flourishcreativeco



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